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Posted by on March 27, 2012

Don’t just preach to the converted. Convert them!

The most likely candidates to buy your products or services (yes, that’s what we meant by convert; we’re not advocating missionizing) are those who are already convinced.

Dov Gordon put it very well: Whose opinions do you consider intelligent? The people who think the same way you do. You’re more likely to listen to someone eloquently defending the beliefs you already hold.


If you’re a dentist who prefers hypnosis over Novocain don’t try to convince me that I should join your practice because hypnosis is better. You might as well be talking to your drill.

You’re far better off talking to people who have fear of needles or some other issue that makes them want to avoid the Novocain. Then you show how hypnosis is consistent with what’s already important to them.

(This is from Dov’s “Manual to Systematically and Consistently Attract First-Rate Customers,” which if you want a step-by-step manual with eye-opening insights, worksheets and exercises, is fantastic – very highly recommended.)

So when you want to make a sale, don’t look for those who need convincing. Look for those who are already convinced of the idea behind your product.

You’ll have a much easier time selling dog sweaters to pet owners who are convinced that their dog has to be fashionable (or that the fur covering he was born with wasn’t enough) – than you will be convincing dog owners who couldn’t care less that “It’s important that your dog be fashionable!

How do you do this?

First, define “convert.” What do you want them to do? What do you want them to buy?

Let’s say it’s those dog sweaters.

Convert = buy dog sweater

Now, define what someone would need to be thinking if they were to go for your product.

Principle = My dog needs to look stylish.

So who are the converted?

Converted = People who believe their dog needs to look stylish.

When you put up a billboard saying:

your dog deserves to be the best dressed on the block- Hendley sweaters - black tie for dogs

You’ll have them nodding and saying either consciously or sub-consciously: Yes, of course it’s important that my dog be well dressed. This sweater manufacturer obviously understands that. So if that’s the idea behind this sweater… it’s for my dog.


Your niche may be less obvious than this one. But there’s still a principle behind it. And the people who believe it are the ones who are going to take you seriously, listen and consider buying.

So put a few minutes of thought into what that principle is. Then go out to find all those who already buy into it. Convert them.

Then you can move on to the infidels.

March 27th, 2012 by Aviva B
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  1. Malkie Scholnick on Says:

    Thank you Aviva, you really bought back into focus what we really need to focus on!. We explain our services to new people, but rather should focus on people who need no explanation first! Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Aviva B on Says:

    My pleasure, Malkie! I hope you this focus makes it easier to get new customers. You still might need to explain your services, but you’ll be explaining how those services provide what they already want, as opposed to convincing them that they want your services. Good luck!

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