SMX Israel 2012 Review – In Rhyme

Posted by on January 16, 2012

smx israel 2012 review

Manage how your customers view

Their relationship to you.

A relationship is only as strong

As its weakest link, so even if THEY’RE wrong

Apologize, if you want them to stay.

Show how past mistakes have shaped a great today.

Tell your story effectively

Is what you know what others see?

If there’s black and white libel, get it taken all away;

If it has some truth in it, so put out YOUR shade of gray.

smx israel paint your shade of grey

When it comes to page quality, be honest:

Does your page have a right to exist?

Take the Panda winners/losers and give them a chance

Against human quality factors; note the variance,

For if your pages are fled back to the SERPs, beware, for – BAM!

Panda may tag your entire site: “Just Above Spam.”

searcher running away from the low quality of your site

People like their greatness to show

Say they rock; they’ll broadcast you to all they know.

Check if their site has social media clout

Contact after you know them inside out.

In context of the risks in life, is it such a risk to buy?

Aim for 4-6 word phrases to turn conversions high.

If your site niche puts you to sleep, you may have to think

Different target markets for a client than for a link.

smx israel 2012 boring site niche puts you to sleep

Where are your customers? That’s the network that you try.

But you need to be on Google+ – a case of do or die.

Use Facebook Ads Tools, then DM; do it sensitively

And you’ll sell Hawaii vacations to 10,000 instructors of ski.

hawaii vacation for ski instructor

Thanks Barry Schwartz, Inbal Hotel

And all the speakers – job done well.


Thanks in particular to SMX Israel speakers whose ideas were quoted here! (Can you figure out who said what?): Shira Abel, Jon Sumroy, Eli Feldblum, Dixon Jones, Gil Reich, Michael King, Ofer Dascalu, Menachem Rosenbaum, Miriam Schwab, Marty Weintraub.

January 16th, 2012 by Aviva B
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  1. Naomi | on Says:

    you are a poet & i wasn't even aware of that fact! :)
    Nicely done and great seeing you yesterday

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  3. Gil Reich on Says:

    Nice. I just added it to my best of post And thanx for the shout out!

  4. Hannah @Cooking Manager on Says:

    Love the poem but need a little more explanation. :)

  5. Hannah @Cooking Manager on Says:

    What does "pages fled back to the SERPs" mean, for example?

  6. Keith on Says:

    Most unique SMX writeup ever, thanks for sharing your takeaways in such a creative way.

  7. Aviva B on Says:

    Thanks, Naomi. The creative writing bit has been relegated to “hobby that I don’t have much time for,” so it’s nice when I have an opportunity to use it for work. :) Likewise on seeing you – hope we get to do that again soon!

  8. Aviva B on Says:

    If you speak well at a conference, Gil, you get quoted – that’s just one of the rules of search marketing nature. So thanks for giving me what to write about. And I appreciate the mention in your blog post – your “best quotes” is also an interesting niche.

  9. Aviva B on Says:

    Thanks, Hannah. Yes, it is a little more helpful for those who were there, but I’ll be happy to provide the Cliffs Notes on any inexplicable passages. ;)

    The “for if your pages are fled back to the SERPs” was referring to part of Gil Reich’s talk, where he said that it’s likely that one of the Google’s signals of whether a page is “quality” or “just barely missing the spam category” is searcher behavior. If you search for a keyword, click on a result, and then immediately hit the back button and return to the SERPs (search engine results pages) – you may be telling Google: “this site was sooo not a good choice as an answer for this keyword.” (They do give you an option to “block all results from this site” when that happens.) Have that happen a few too many times and that might not be fantastic for your rankings.

    Make more sense? If you want any more clarification, let me know.

  10. Aviva B on Says:

    Thanks so much, Keith. It was a pleasure to write, and I’m glad you can enjoy it too.

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