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Posted by on January 3, 2012

There's a lot out there to read on internet marketing.  What will help you the most?

This week's #msmktg chat discussed our top resources for learning SEO, social media, and anything that can be called by the name "internet marketing."

Happy browsing!

Resource Good for: Suggested by:

SEOMoz Blog

Well-researched, wide range of SEO and social media topics



Search Cap

Daily summary of important articles about internet marketing (can subscribe via email)


SEOBook Blog

Great insights in SEO.

Caveat: may be seen as a lot of Google-bashing.



Distilled Blog


Conference Calls

Tools and skills for SEO – especially using Excel and Google Docs to easily get and analyze information

Original Google Docs SEO Tools post and other important SEO skill guides.


Dan Zarrella's "Science Of…" Webinars

Engaging, informative presentations based on lots of data analysis.  Some of the previous ones include:

Science of Social Media

Science of Retweets

Science of Timing


Google Webmaster Central YouTube Channel

Matt Cutts in short videos answering questions on SEO.


Social Media Examiner

News, interviews, videos on social media, all well-written.



Talk Biz

Presents a different perspective on marketing and makes you think.


Convince and Convert

Social media insights.


Conversion Rate Experts

Case studies, expert tips on increasing your website conversions – in a down-to-earth and entertaining way.


Avinash Kaushik's Blog

How to use your analytics data to make intelligent decisions about your marketing strategy.



Blogging tips and strategy.



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