How Do I Exclude Myself in Google Analytics?

Posted by on May 17, 2011

Have you ever gotten excited by a sudden surge in traffic to your site, only to realize that it was… you? Here are several easy ways to exclude yourself from Google Analytics.

google analytics: exclude yourself and become an invisible man

1. Exclude Your Browser

This is by far the easiest way to exclude yourself from your Google Analytics stats.  Download the Google Analytics Opt-Out add-on, provided by Google itself. (Considerate, no?) It takes only a minute or two and it’s available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.


  • Really easy to install (even for a non-techie – it basically does the whole thing for you, especially in Chrome) and then you’ll never have to think about it again. (Unless you get a virus and you have to wipe everything off your browser and reinstall it – then just remember to put it back on.)


  • It only works off the browser you’re on – so you need to install it on all the browsers on your computer.
  • You’ll also need to install it on all the computers you want to filter from your site analytics (and if you don’t have direct access to those computers – your site designer, administrator, etc – you’ll have to ask them if they’re willing to install the add-on also).

Plus or Minus?

  • It blocks Google from getting your visitor stats for ANY site you visit – not just your own.  This could be a plus if you have something against the idea of “Google knowing everything” or a minus if you feel for those site owners (like yourself) who want as accurate visitor data as possible.

2. Exclude Your IP Address

This will cover any traffic coming from your IP address – you and anyone else who shares the same IP as you do (e.g. other people in your office, if you have the same IP).

Go to your Analytics interface and click on the site account that you want to exclude your traffic from.


Click on edit by Google Analytics account name


Click add filter to be able to in google analytics exclude yourself


for google analytics exclude yourself filter, choose exclude IP option and put in the IP addresses you want to exclude

To find out your IP address, visit  It will immediately show you what your IP is.



  • You can exclude an entire range of IP addresses, and if you work with a team in an office with one IP (or a specific range), you don’t have to get all of them to install the add-on.


  • If you have a dynamic IP (it changes), this does not work.  The only easy way to know if your IP is dynamic or static is to ask your internet service provider. If it is dynamic or you have doubts, the best option is the add-on mentioned above.
  • Filters cannot be copied from one Google Analytics account to another.  If you have several sites that you monitor in Google Analytics, then you will have to redo the filter manually in each one.

Plus or Minus?

  • The IP filter only blocks your data from being recorded in Analytics for the site the filter is placed on.  This can be positive or negative for you, as mentioned above.


There we go!  You’re out!  Isn’t that a freeing sensation?

free man


May 17th, 2011 by Aviva B
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3 Responses

  1. SEO on Says:

    The normal John Doe doesn’t even know about Google Analytics or other tracking programs and can’t therefore not protect himself of beeing tracked. Marketers would have a much harder life if these methods would go mainstream or anti google analytics plugins would be integrated (into the browsers) by default.

  2. debizyx on Says:

    The normal John Doe doesn’t need to protect himself from begin tracked, vis-a-vis analytics, since the analytics doesn’t give any real indication of who specifically visits which sites.
    The only reason you would want to not be tracked is if you (and your company or team) access your site very often, and that might skew the analytics numbers.
    I’m sure there are small businesses for which half or more of their so-called page hits are actually their own staff googling and accessing their site.

  3. Matt on Says:

    Thanks for this. I did indeed get excited about the sudden surge of traffic I’ve had the last couple of days!

    Doh, that was me! :-(

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