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Posted by on March 30, 2011

Late last week, the zookeepers at the Bronx Zoo reported their several month old Egyptian Cobra missing.  They reassured the public that most likely the pencil-thin baby cobra is hiding somewhere in the Reptile House among the equipment there, and anyway he wouldn’t last long in the New York winter weather if he were to get out.

One creative Twitterer, however, saw an opportunity.  Starting two days ago, @bronxzooscobra has been tweeting updates about his escapades in New York City.

bronxzooscobra profile

Note his profile “location”.

Some of our favorite tweets:

bronxzooscobra tweet 1

bronxzooscobra tweet 2bronxzooscobra tweet 3

BronxZoosCobra now has 126,045 followers and counting, and has done email interviews with Time and The New York Times.

Social Media takeaways:

  • Act quickly and be creative. Use what everyone’s talking about, but put a unique twist on it, and people will jump to follow.
  • People need to laugh, to relax.  The breath of fresh air that BronxZoosCobra provided was mentioned by a few people who commented on the NY Times article.
  • Do it well and don’t overdo.  BronxZoosCobra doesn’t inundate the world with tweets.  One every so often – and they’re all thought out and clever.

This social media stunt has been taken, but follow in the Cobra’s path and see where you can apply his lesssssons…

March 30th, 2011 by Aviva B
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